AV-11 Glasgow Produced in various configurations, the AV-11 (Advanced Vehicle) Glasgow is one of the most widespread and ubiquitous bipedal machines produced by Takaoka. Designed by Kurikara Robotics and manufactured by Takaoka Heavy Industries, the AV-11 stands at 4.24 meters tall and weighs 7.35 tonnes. It is electrically powered by a high-capacity battery, allowing movement for up to 48 hours at a time. Smaller than the CV-series, the AV series features a cockpit within the mech’s torso, with the entrance on the rear of the mech. The standard AV-11 is not intended for fighting and is used as a cargo lifter and construction mech. AV/C-11 Glasgow Knight A dedicated combat mech, the AV/C-11 (Advanced Vehicle/Combat) is designed specifically for fighting, in contrast to the AV-11. Equipped with medium armour plating, the AV/C is able to withstand small-arms fire up to 25mm rounds. It incorporates advanced sensors on the head module in addition to the basic cameras, and also boasts powerful radio and communications systems for long-range communications. It is able to use weapons designed specifically for Takaoka mech operation, which electronically links to sensors in the hands to feed targeting information directly to the pilot’s helmet. The AV/C-11 is also equipped with an ejection seat, which allows the pilot to escape from a crippled or otherwise stricken machine. It comes equipped with leg braces to stabilise the machine when firing weapons. The AV/C-11 is produced for use by the World Army (As the AV/C-11W) and is also sold on the open market at a price of 8.6 million UND. AV/P-11 Glasgow Patroller Intended for the World Government’s police forces as well as private security contractors, the AV/P-11 is somewhere between the AV-11 an AV/C-11. It has less armour than the AV/C-11 but has the same sensors and weapons capabilities as the AV/C-11. It also comes integrated with police lights and sirens, as well as special holders for riot-control weapons. It does not have an ejection seat. Type-11B Burai Upgraded Advanced Combat Type A dedicated combat mech, the Type-11B Burai is an upgraded AV/C-11 with increased armour and upgraded sensors, as well as an integrated 7.62mm close-range machine gun. Despite appearing similar to the AV/C-11, 87% of the parts are non-interchangeable, and the new version is faster, stronger and generally more powerful than the original model. The Type-11B is only in use by Takaoka’s private army, the Strategic Self-Defence Forces (SSDF), who often deploy kill-teams of four to attack soft targets such as terrorist camps or rival convoys.