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The United Nations Public Database is a free-access, comprehensive Internet encyclopedia supported by the United Nations Public Information and Safety Commission. Anyone can access the database, which aims to provide free information and knowledge to any human living under the benevolent guidance and protection of the United Nations.

The Database is the second-most popular website in the world after the Google search engine and consitutes the largest and most popular general reference work in existence. The Database is guarded and maintained by the Artificial Intelligence Natalya Borodin, and is trawled daily by millions of automated bots to not only add up-to-date information but also to ensure that only the truth is presented to the people of Earth and elsewhere.

Do note that certain articles are considered highly sensitive, and users should avoid viewing many sensitive articles or risk being locked out of the Database by the system. Vandalism is not tolerated in any form and will be punished by law, as per UN Resolution #2389722.

The Database is hosted and maintained by Rostov Global Communications, a proud member of the Takaoka Group of Corporations.

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Beyond Limitations is a closed group RP on Nationstates, intended to have a deep backstory and environment. This wiki exists to document our universe, events and also mainly for Toishima to spend her time when she hits writer's block. Edit to keep alive. Still alive.

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