Type: Rocket-propelled grenade
Service history
In service: 2054 - present
Production history
Manufacturer: Bazalt
Produced: 2054 - present
Weight: 12 kg
Length: 1700 mm
Cartridge: 65mm rocket
Effective firing range: 250 m

The RPG-17 is a 65mm smart rocket launcher capable of firing multiple types of ammunition and acting as an anti-armour and anti-air platform. It is a three-part weapon capable of being disassembled for portability and is able to fire a variety of different rounds for different missions.

The RPG-17 is cheap and is found in the hands of many criminal organisations as well as UN-affiliated militias around the world, and is an important weapon for both sides of the War on Crime and Terror.


The sighting unit includes a scope, laser rangefinder and targeting computer.

provides scopes that provide visibility in night and low light conditions.

Disassembles into three parts (front, rear and sighting unit) for portability.


The RPG-17 fires smart rounds that can be programmed to lock onto heat signatures or to be laser-guided. The rounds can also be programmed to fly on three different trajectories for different targets, direct impact, top attack for use against heavy armour and airburst for anti-personnel and soft target attacks.

Many types of rounds are available, but the most common is a basic 100mm High Explosive Dual-Purpose round. A thermobaric round for use against soft targets also exists, as well as a tandem-charge round with a 110mm main warhead to defeat older types of reactive armour. Other types of rounds such as flak rounds also exist.


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